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60 Seconds Reatomized! is a remaster of Robot Gentleman’s cult hit 60 Seconds; now featuring upgraded graphics (now accommodating 4k resolution), additional story points, and a new challenge mode that can really test the skills of even advanced players.

The first mode that many will most likely begin with is the Atomic Drill mode, which serves as a tutorial for the other game modes. Here players will get the ropes learning about the various mechanics the game has to offer in a low stakes training environment. This mode is supplemented by the Scavenge and Survive modes which each allow the player to undertake different roles in the game’s dynamic. Scavenge allows the player to practice the hectic resource gathering run through the house with the infamous 60 second timer before the nuclear apocalypse takes place. In addition to the playable character is the opposite spouse and the couples two children, Mary Jane and Timmy, all of which count as inventory slots when accounting for this resource management along with the water, food and specialty items needed for the story. Alternatively, the Survive game mode adheres more toward the story arcing choices that the player will make once in the bomb shelter following their resource gathering, here players will make choices in a manner similar to a choose your own adventure book with consequences allotted for their decisions.

60 Seconds Reatomized!’s main game mode, Apocalypse Mode, sets the player in the shoes of one of the two classic protagonists, the original role of Ted from the first 60 Seconds!, and the new addition of Delores as a playable character for the remake. This mode combines the roles from both the Scavenge and Survive game modes, forcing the player to quickly and strategically gather resources for the upcoming nuclear fallout, with each resource having different effects once in the shelter. For example, the player must allow for ample supplies of food and water to sustain the family, or they run the risk of family members running away or dying as a result, which in turn jeopardizes the rest of the family’s well being by limiting the ability to explore outside the shelter for additional resources.

60 Seconds Reatomized!’s usage of the limited amount of time pushes the player to make important and difficult decisions on what is a great point of emphasis for the game. This one minute sweep before the bombs detonate helps to provide a sense of immersion as this would be a similar scenario should bombs be launched in real life. Furthermore, the game denotes the importance of resource management in a roguelike fashion with each subsequent playthrough randomizing the family members and resources positions within the house, making each run different than the last and maintaining the intensity throughout. The one point of possible contention with the games progression lies with the specialty items that the player can collect during their resource gathering. I found it especially discerning when playing through the story, only to learn that missing an item such as the boy scout journal would lock you out of certain story options. I will note here however, that this does provide some increased modicum of replayability as it allows you to make different choices that allow for different stories to play out, making it that much more drawing to come back and gather the various achievements and endings.

The Survive part of 60 Seconds Reatomized! is reminiscent of games like Papers, Please wherein both games, the player is forced to make difficult decisions that will have profound effects on the rest of their game. Alternatively, the resource management part of the game reminded me of games such as Cultist Simulator, as both put an emphasis on the importance of using resources in correct ways or you run the risk of losing them altogether which can subsequently lock you out of other story routes and limit your options down the line.

Overall, I believe that 60 Seconds Reatomized! pushes the player in unique ways in providing a resource management game that heavily emphasizes the importance of each item. It provides a sense of urgency in each decision that the player makes and forces them to decide on which items will prove more useful in the story mode. This is only intensified once the player arrives in the bunker and is forced again to make difficult decisions that will have lasting effects on the family members. I believe that 60 Seconds Reatomized! provides an experience unlike many others and its story based narrative is its crowning achievement.

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60 Seconds Reatomized! Review
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An experience unlike many others and its story based narrative is its crowning achievement.

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