Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review

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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is one out of the three parts of the sequel of Monster Prom! First released on April 27th, 2018, it received a very positive response from the community for being a great multiplayer dating simulator! It is just one of those games that are perfect to pick up whenever you want a refreshing experience with your friends and family. Before picking up the sequel, I have actually played quite a decent amount of the first title with a couple of friends and I absolutely loved it! What really makes it special is the fact that most of the characters are unique in their own way and seeing them go through these scenarios is just pure joy! That being said, let me give you my opinion when it comes to Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp!

The main plot is focused around you and your friends trying your very best to impress on one of the six most charismatic classmates during your time at the camp! And the goal is to win them over before the night the sky is filled with shooting stars in order to have one of the most romantic times ever during your life as a monster. So you might be asking yourself, how do I win them over? The mechanics are quite simple, but winning them over is not! As earlier mentioned, it is possible to experience the entire thing by yourself, but it adds a whole other element if you play it with more than one person! What can I say? You will experience high school drama all over again!

Okay, where was I.. Oh, right! In order to actually win them over, you will have to reach the required stats for the specific monster. You will not be told which stats that are required so you will have to figure it out by seeing the way they are acting along with their interests. The different stats are the following: Smarts, Boldness, Creativity, Charm and Fun! The amount in each category you will be starting with is gonna depend on the answers you have chosen before getting into the game! The questions are rather silly and lighthearted. Along with the questions that alter your starting stats, there will also be one that will give you a head start in one of the relationships between the six monster classmates!

You will spend your time at the camp by doing activities in which you will be able to choose from during the majority of the game. By visiting different parts of the camp, you will be able to rack up points, as well as encountering some of the main characters along with the many sub-characters! Compared to the first title, there is actually a pretty big increase when it comes to the cast of characters. You will be able to experience many unique events and have a wonderful time as you make decisions that will affect the outcome of the event as well as your current stats.

As much as I love to play all of this, it can be quite a long session sometimes considering that you select a “Long Game” with up to four players. What really is the downside is that you won’t be able to save your run so you will have to leave it on in the background in order to have a break or just sit through it in one sitting. Nonetheless, the art style that this uses is quite cool! Along with the soundtrack, it really keeps you in the mood!

Let us wrap up this review once and for all, shall we? So, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp was a great experience that I still come back and play to this day! There will be a lot of laughing to silly references throughout the entire game as well as some intense moments such as asking out the monster crush of your life. Should you pick this up even though you haven’t played the first title? Yes, you actually can! There is a setting in the options in which you can turn off references from the first game! Buckle up everyone, we got a camping trip to attend to! 

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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Review
  • Gameplay - 8/10
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  • Replay Value - 9/10
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At the end of the day, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is an amazing game to play with friends and family! Grab some snacks along with some drink and get cozy in front of the screen!

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