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RPG Maker FES is a great game which any 3DS owner should be excited to add to their collection. As one could easily deduce from the title, players can use this game to create and play their very own RPGs. Whether the player wants to create a deep, serious title, or just wants to mess around in their own little world, RPG Maker FES has a lot to offer. No technical understanding is needed to dive into this game and have a great time. As long as the player has a basic understanding of key RPG elements, then they are ready to jump right in to this exciting game!

The graphics in this game are similar to those of similar online RPG makers, and they fit with the 3DS pretty well. Players can choose from a variety of unique backgrounds, both in the overworld and in battles, allowing each player to add their own unique touch to each segment of the game. Players also get to choose what background music plays in each segment of the game. In addition, the player can adjust how loud background music and sound effects are in the game’s options menu. Aesthetically, this game has an excellent style, and the same can be said for each of its audio options.

Of course, the player gets to build their own plot for this game, something which RPG Maker FES makes surprisingly easy. Players can select where they choose to trigger events, what character (if any) will be in that location, and even what dialogue will occur (with the player creating the dialogue entirely rather than picking sentences out from a predetermined list). This game offers just about every event option one could possibly imagine for an RPG, opening up an endless list of possibilities as to how the plot unravels. In addition, the player can litter each map with battles, whether they be wild encounters or boss battles, or add NPCs with their own unique dialogue. Time and time again this game may surprise the reader with just how much customization it has to offer.

One important thing to note is that this game lacks a tutorial of any kind. For most games, this might be an issue, but for a game such as RPG Maker FES, this decision was actually an excellent one. This game is incredibly deep, and any player would likely be overwhelmed if the entirety of this RPG maker was thrown at them all at once. Instead, this game unravels itself at a very manageable pace. Instead of instantly jumping on the plot, the player may start by designing maps, then switch back and forth between them to design events. In short, RPG Maker FES does a great job providing massive amounts of content without shoving all of it down the player’s throat at once.

As previously mentioned, RPG Maker FES’ in-depth customization options are what make it truly incredible. Players can design their own heroes, allies, NPCs, enemies, and bosses. The player gets to design the stats for each character that can be used in battle, giving players the option of making their own character ridiculously overpowered, or creating a real challenge for themselves. Players can design their own hero classes, each with their own unique stats and characteristics. Really, this is only the surface of all that this game has to offer. The game admittedly does not offer many characters for naming anything, which is not a huge deal, but can be a little annoying if the player wants to give a character or location a more complex name.

To top everything off, players can even upload their own RPGs and download games created by others. It does appear that doing so requires a separate 3DS app, but this app is free, even for those who do not own RPG Maker FES. With potentially endless RPGs available at the player’s fingertips, both for them to play and to create, RPG Maker FES certainly offers a whole lot of bang for its buck. Laboring with a stylus on the small 3DS screen is admittedly a little frustrating, but any player who has the patience to deal with it will find themselves investing countless hours into this outstanding title.

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