Synthetic grass is becoming a very viable option for many homes these days. By now you have probably seen a house or an apartment that has opted to go for synthetic grass as opposed to normal grass. As people start to become increasingly time-poor, this is a great option because no maintenance is required.

While some people will always stick with their real grass because they believe nothing beats the real thing. You may actually find that Sydney synthetic grass is becoming increasingly realistic and you have to get up close and personal to see that it is actually fake.

Whatever you end up choosing for your outdoor space, it is always good to know what your options are so you can get the full picture. So, have a read on below to find out some of the reasons why synthetic grass is so popular:


Saves Money

Apart from the initial cost of purchasing and installing the synthetic turf, it will actually end up saving you money. You do not need to purchase a lawnmower or anything else that comes with maintaining a real lawn. This means you will have more money in your back point to do with as you please.

You may also see a little bit of a drop in your water bill as well. This is because artificial grass does not need watering, so you will not be wasting your water and the money it costs to use it on watering your lawn. After the initial installation, having an artificial lawn should not cost much, if anything to maintain.


Child and Pet Friendly

dog sitting in a synthetic grass

Pets especially seem to love synthetic grass, and it could also be a win for you because if they roll around on the grass, they will not get dirty like they would on normal grass. This type of grass is also very soft, so it makes it nice and easy for children and pets to walk on.

There are also no pesticides or other chemicals that could be present on normal grass. If you have children, you would know just how much they like to put things in their mouths, and these sorts of chemicals are something you probably do not want in your child’s mouth.


Low Maintenance

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why synthetic grass is so popular; it does not need much, if any maintenance. This means that you can get your weekends back because you do not have to spend your time mowing or attending to the lawn.

Your lawn will look awesome all year round if it is artificial! While others are experiencing browning lawns or their lawn is dying in the drier months, yours will look exactly the same. Maintaining your lawn can not only be costly but also suck your time. Would you rather be spending your time looking after your lawn or hanging out with family or friends?


Good For Aussie Conditions

Australians know just how difficult the weather conditions can be; we are constantly going from one extreme to another. Not only do we have the weather to contend with, but also animals that want to eat and destroy our grass. With all that working against us, it can be difficult to maintain a real lawn.


So, in the hot summer, while other people’s lawn may be taking a beating, your synthetic grass will still be looking the same, and you didn’t have to put in any of the effort to try to make it look so good. The Australian climate can be difficult to deal with, so you have to make the decision of if it is worth it.