It is a procedure that many of us have had to bear through at one point in our lives. It’s a horrendously invasive and often uncomfortable extraction with a long road to recovery. However, this whole ordeal does not have to be as painful as you may think.

Wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave can be an easier experience if you know what to expect in the aftermath and best prepare for it. Today we will explore what to expect, and how best to prepare for wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave.

Discomfort Is Expected

The reality is pure and simple, wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is not going to be the most pleasant experience you have had in your life, like any necessary procedure it comes with its own detriments to your everyday life, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of your experience. Most of the time it is saving you a lot of discomfort down the track, with wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave, it’s wiser to deal with the pain a little bit now to save a lot later.

Management Tips

There are ways of managing the discomfort after the procedure takes place. Your treating physician will oftentimes give you medication to manage the first few days after the procedure, where the discomfort is at its typical peak. Always take the prescribed medications as specified by your doctor and if the pain does persist, get in contact as soon as possible.

Having a cold compress on the outside of your jaw can also assist in alleviating pain after your wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave. It also assists with the swelling, which is another factor that is inevitable with the extraction.

Dietary Mood Swings

Another major factor in consideration of wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is the diet you’ll have to consist on for the aftermath of the procedure. Avoiding solid food and hot food can be quite a burden for the gourmets amongst us, however it is important not to agitate the wounds as they heal over. While it can appear bland from the outset, there are hidden opportunities for your diet after your wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave.

Management Tips

This is where you can have a little fun and freedom after your wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave. Yes, fun. While you should avoid hot foods and hot drinks, there’s no law that states you cannot eat all the jelly, yoghurt or custard you can muster. You can leave your health kick at the door when you’re in the healing stages and a little bit of comfort food can go a long way for maintaining a healthy outlook on the process.

Before your wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave, go to the shops and stock up on all the soft and noninvasive goodies from vanilla custard to eggs and smoothie ingredients. The idea is not to disturb the injury site so avoid coarse foods like pasta, popcorn and hot/spicy foods.

Avoiding The Dry Socket

No preamble here, getting a dry socket is one of the more common yet preventable ailments that can stem from wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave. It occurs when the blood clot that the healing is taking place in loosens or dislodges, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort for 7-12 days.

Management Tips

Basically follow the above rules and ensure you don’t smoke or use a straw for the healing period, the suction caused by these two things are the main perpetrators of the dreaded dry socket.

Remember, always follow your doctors advice and take special care of your health during the healing process, and best of luck for your wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave.