Window treatments can make a big difference to your home and the right choice of ready made or custom made curtains in Sydney can make a huge statement in any room, but which one is the right option for your windows? Perfectly designed and installed window treatments can make your rooms look bigger or compliment your existing décor, whilst the wrong choice can make your room feel darker or smaller. Choosing your window coverings can take time and effort but it is well worth it.

Many people love the flexibility that they get from custom made curtains in Sydney, as it allows them to get sizes that perfectly fit their windows and get styles that match their décor but there are also a lot of ready-made options on the market which can be and affordable way to update standard windows – so which is right for you? Here’s a few of the things you should think about.


When do you need them?

Custom made curtains in Sydney can take some time to design and deliver, although there are a lot of manufacturers nowadays who can create these and deliver them in a very short period of time. Some providers are able to deliver your custom made curtains in Sydney in around a week which suits many homeowners, however if you’re looking for a fast and convenient solution than ready-made products might be the way to go as you can usually buy them off the shelf and install them quickly and easily. Ready made options can be great when you’re looking for a last-minute solution but custom made curtains in Sydney can be a faster process than you might expect, depending on the materials, size and quantity of window coverings that you order.


Can you find the look and size you want?

There are a lot of different ready-made options out there available in lots of different fabrics, colours and textures. They are usually designed to fit most standard window types, and can be great if your windows are fairly common sizes. For unusually sized or shaped windows like bay windows, you’ll be much better off investing in custom made curtains in Sydney. Custom made curtains in Sydney can be a great way to dress unusual windows and can also be an excellent way to get styles and fabrics that you can’t find on ready-made products. If you want extras like pelmets, ties or balances then tailored options can be the perfect choice.


Are you getting good value?

One of the main things you’ll need to think about is your budget – ready made solutions can be very affordable and are great when you’re working within a budget. Custom made curtains in Sydney can be a more expensive option but they often have a level of workmanship that you can’t get with ready-made window coverings. Higher quality options might command a bigger upfront cost but they often require less in terms of maintenance and replacement so they are well worth investing in.


What to remember

The window coverings you choose will depend on your time, budget and the furnishing in your home as well as your windows. Beautifully tailored designs can add a stylish touch to any rooms but off-the-shelf options can be more affordable and might be the easier choice if you’re renting or have standard curtains and don’t want anything unusual in terms of fabrics and styles. If you’re weighing up your options consider looking online or visit showrooms in your area so you can get an idea about what you like or what suits your home.