Women who fall in love with trendy designer swimsuits understand what an asset these items can be when they become the perfect fit.

When it comes to showcasing these items around beaches, pools and outdoor environments, it pays to be selective with brands who will vary in terms of price and performance.

These products have a very delicate balance to strike. In order to be the right investment at the right time, they must be the right fit, the right colour, the right comfort level with the fabric selection, the right price and be able to dry and wash easily.

No easy task, but by taking a closer look at the mandatory features on show with these items, it will be easy to judge what works and what falls short of those lofty standards.


Durable Fabric Selections

What must be on show with trendy designer swimsuits from the outset is a range of fabrics that are durable and last the distance for the consumer. This will demonstrate that the business has the interests of the public at the forefront of their design model and they will be using the most effective materials available to them. Suppliers who manufacture these items will love to use Lycra, nylon and polyester blends, giving customers a technology that feels comfortable on the skin and naturally resistant to chlorine.


Body Appropriate Shape Selections

There is no question that trendy designer swimsuits for a certain corner of the market are more appealing than others for certain women. Especially when it comes to the string bikini outlets that are showcased for beachwear season, these items become a logistical nightmare for consumers with larger busts and wider frames. That is where the sporty brands become hot property, offering a degree of versatility for appropriate shape selections that are marketed to the public.


Online Size Assistance

It can be an awkward exercise determining whether or not designer swimsuits will fit without trying the goods on in-store. That is why it is recommended to try on the material first before making a selection, but if it is simply a matter of obtaining the right size dimensions, then outlets should offer opportunities for shoppers to make the comparison. This will apply to the Metric system of measurement and the US standard system which will translate millimetres to inches and vice versa.


Customised Style Features

Woman in a bikini laughing

From the one-piece to the two-piece, the bikini to the mesh top, the classical bandeau to the terracotta, trendy designer swimsuits are made to showcase different interpretations. This will be dependent on the body shape, the aesthetic colour palate, the fit of the fabric on the skin and suitability for other attire like glasses, hats, footwear and matching garments. To be a brand that is on the “cutting edge” of the industry, this diversity is an essential feature.


Sun Protection Options

It pays to be sun smart at the best of times, but for modern suppliers of designer swimsuits, they need to ensure that they have fabrics and design materials that are suited to long periods of outdoor sunlight exposure. Especially with the risk of skin cancer for Australian consumers, they need to be able to have confidence in their designer swimsuits when it comes to sun coverage guarantees.


Price Appropriate

Swimsuits from designer brands are always marketed above the regular threshold from average retail brands. They will be crafted with first-class materials and showcased on models and events that really draw in the attention from consumers. With that being said, it is important to offer deals and financial packages that helps to alleviate the pressure and rewards brand loyalty.


Transparent Designing Process

Brands only become “trusted” when they offer complete transparency for their constituents. If they decide to use underhanded tactics geared around corporate profit, there will be enough shoppers who will decide to look elsewhere for their materials. Outlets that promote a low carbon footprint and solidarity with their workforce will have an edge over their competitors.