You probably haven’t realised that you require a referral from your usual dentist to to see an orthodontist in Mulgrave. In fact, you can easily visit one for an opinion or appointment by simply searching in your area for an orthodontist in Mulgrave, no extra steps needed! Look around or ask for recommendations to find a good local practice to help you out with your dental needs. Here are a few things you should know about them.


What does my orthodontist in Mulgrave do?

They are a specialist in the dental field and complete extra education and training on top of the certification as a dentist. They focus on your bite and alignment and can help you improve the appearance of your teeth, jaw and the mechanics of your bite.

Although your dentist and orthodontist in Mulgrave likely share many function to help you boost your dental health, they overall have vastly different areas of focus.

Your dentist should be your go-to for teeth cleanings and regular maintenance whilst you should visit your orthodontist in Mulgrave for any specific concerns about your teeth and bite alignment as they can help you out with treatment options such as braces and wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave.


Why visit them?

woman getting her wisdom teeth removed by a dentist in Mulgrave

They have a high level of knowledge and expertise in a specialist field and you’ll likely find that if you have issues with crowding or bite alignment, then your dentist will encourage you to visit. They’re specialists in dental and facial irregularities, such as tooth gaps, overcrowding, crooked teeth, jagged or protruding teeth and other issues which can have a dramatic impact on your bite as well as the overall look of your face. It takes many years of training for them to gain expertise in this field. If you have serious issues with your teeth then it’s important that you see a specialist as this can cause serious problems over time and could lead to serious health complications. Gaps in your teeth for example can become a breeding ground for bacteria and could contribute to gum disease later on down the line. Because your grin is one of your most significant and prominent attributes, it’s very important you look after it. A specialist can help you get them into great shape and can give you back the confidence to smile.

Most people seek out treatment because they need braces and wisdom teeth removal. Whilst once upon a time metal braces were the only option, advancements in technology mean that you can now visit your orthodontist in Mulgrave for many different treatment options. There are some great alternatives to traditional braces now on offer, including invisible options and ceramic braces. The best fit for your needs will depend on your lifestyle and specific health needs. Your specialist will be able to help you come to a decision that best fits your needs.


How to find one near you

The best place to start if you’re looking to make an appointment is to speak to your regular dentist or clinic, they may have one in-house or know of one that they can recommend to you. Alternatively, searching online and checking out review from other patients is a great way to find a specialist that you trust. Friends and family are also great people to speak to as you’ll likely know someone who has had work done with a specialist or had braces at some point in their life, ask them who they went with and what their experiences were as they might be able to turn you on to a good specialist.