Charity starts at home. We have all heard this bedfore but not a lot of people have understood what It really means. When it comes to family, this is where we give without expecting anything in return. Our parents give us everything that we need and put us through school, college just so we can have a good healthy life. They have taught us all that we need and so we need to be able to give back in return. In todays world however , people are split apart. Some people just don’t want to go back to their family and some just want to live their lives just being what they are. Here are some tips that you can use to connect and bring about your family:


Don’t let a schedule put you away from bonding

Why would you let your job put you away from bonding with your family? They are literally the reason why you are able to be where you are . you earn money but remember before all this , there were two people who stood by you for everything and made sure you got what you deserved.

Close To Family

Cultivate the attitude of Gratitude

Whether you believe in God or not ,one thing remains the same. If you are not thankful for what you have, you wont receive anything good at all. In fact what you receive would be much worse. Even when the days are the darkest, there are always things you can be thankful be thankful for the loving family you have. They will be with you even after you leave them. Be thankful so that what you have will multiply, whether it be love money or just peace of mind.


Practice acts of kindness

Studies prove that when you are happy, you get even more connected with people around you. Performing acts of random kindness isn’t just for you, its for all those around you, to give you hope that there is a lot more that life has to offer.


Cooking helps

Don’t be the only person who cooks at home. Let everyone be involved. Sure it will be messy in the beginning but you will be able to show them that 1) they will have to clean up everything and 2) that they have lots of fun doing something like cooking food with mommy that playing on their IPADS or whatever it is that the kids are using.

Do less

Some times our lives are just cluttered with unwanted things that aren’t really all that necessary with what we need. You need to make sure that your time is available to those who have made time for you. Don’t be scared in doing so. There is a lot of work to be completed but life isn’t meant to done in such a way that you cant do things that you love. If it is then stop and start over again.