With technology innovation at its peak and with the future of having time travelling machines, we are now at the peak of the century wherein we can treat all diseases at a fast and a slow pace. State of the art technology and devices are made everywhere just so that the people are benefited from all this. All hospitals have cutting edge technology but there are those that are above all the others . these are some of the hospitals above all the others.


University of Missouri health system:university hospital-cloumbia Missouri

The university of Missouri healthcare went through a 203 million dollar facelift in order to show the world that it is at one of the top destinations wherein you can receive the best health facilities. It has eight floors, new facilities just so that cancer patients can be treated. There is an ultramodern cancer center boasts of innovative smart rooms that are so smart that all of the patients vitals are recorded automatically and then put into the bank where it is stored. There are some high tech imaging sstems like the 3d mammography teleconferencing technology that lets operating doctors talk with pathologist without them ever leaving the room. There is also a robot drug dispensing device that is capable of supplying as many as 3000 doses a day.

Asklepios klinik Barmbek- Hamburg Germany

This is europes biggest private hospital network with cutting edge technology that was completed in 2005 and specializes in complicated diseases . their main areas of expertiseis obstetrics and internal medicine, gynecology and reconstructive surgery.in 2013, the hospitals made the headlines after doctors at the hospital removed a tumor for a patients liver using an IPAD. There way of doing the procedure was one of the first recorded ones ever to be made in Europe.

Bumrungrad international hospital-Bangkook, Thailand

The BUKrungrad international hospital was made in 1980 in the middle of Bangkok. It is the epicenter of technological innovations since its foundations. It is currently Southeast Asias biggest private hospital and over a million patients get treated here annually using the state of the art technologies present withing the facility. They have asias first pharmacy robot, a medical scanner called the Siemens Biograph 64 PET/CT imaging medical scanner that identifies the starting stages of cancer. People from all around the world come to see the five star environment of the hospital and to be treated in their 5 star facilities as well.

Advanced Hospitals

El Camino hospital -mountain view, California

Opened in 1961, it is the pinnacle of excellence and technological advancement. In 1971 , it partnered with Lockheed which is the company which made the fastest jet in the world . it launched an original computerized medical information system . they have robots doing many of the work and the robots keep getting updated because Lockheed is also stated in California