If you are considering investing in a renewable energy system for your business, then there are several things you need to consider before signing off the change. However, the bottom line is simple – if you can afford to pay your electricity bills as they currently stand, then you should be able to afford commercial solar financing.


Why it works well for businesses

There are many reasons why renewable energies can work incredibly well and efficiently in corporate settings, which is why the market is growing so exponentially. While most households tend to use their power before 9 am and after 5 pm, businesses consume most of their energy between 9 am and 5 pm (i.e. during daylight hours). Therefore, Australian business enterprises can benefit immensely from renewable energy systems.


The benefits

Many businesses are looking for ways in which they can minimise their electricity costs and streamline their energy consumption. Here are some of the most practical and worthwhile benefits:

Low maintenance

Commercial solar financing is easy and affordable, while the system itself is easy to maintain. In fact, most providers argue that these panels virtually require minimal maintenance. They are designed to provide consistent, high-end performance throughout their working life, and operate effectively because the structure of corporate buildings is more conducive to these systems.

Moreover, while the cells themselves might be fragile, they are encased in durable, tempered glass and aluminium that protects the panel from erosion and other types of damage (like rain and hail). If your panel is damaged, then your provider should be able to offer replacements on these panels.

Government incentives

As more and more governments move towards renewable energy schemes, commercial solar financing is also becoming more manageable and more attainable for most businesses. In Australia, both the federal and state governments have instigated initiatives and programs designed to make renewable energy power more affordable and more productive in society.

Indeed, the Renewable Energy Target was implemented as a way of driving investment and growth into the renewable energy industry. The commitment stipulates that at least 33 000 gigawatt-hours need to be produced using commercial solar financing by 2020. In 2019, the Morrison Government announced that the targets had been met one year ahead of schedule.

Galvanises corporate responsibility

There is a massive need for corporate responsibility in the contemporary business world. In fact, more and more customers are gravitating towards businesses that engage in responsible behaviours and actions, and the use of energy is a critical component of how companies are perceived. By installing a well-maintained renewable energy system, you are making a strong statement about your willingness to contribute to environmental sustainability and the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Cost stability

Commercial solar financing also brings an added level of cost stability. Commercial solar financing systems can help you insulate your business from volatile changes in power and energy markets. It is common for there to be seismic shifts in utility rates (due to high consumption and seasonal changes). Renewable systems, on the other hand, will ensure that your system can generate power right when you need it, without being overly reliant on the central grid.

In summation, there are many great reasons why you should engage in commercial solar financing. It can save your business money, improve your business’ standing in the community and the ongoing costs attached to maintaining your system. There are many options available for commercial solar financing, and continued government subsidies are making it more affordable and attainable for businesses, regardless of size and profitability. If you think your firm could benefit, make sure you get in touch with a reliable provider as soon as possible!