Here it is ladies and gentlemen the best graphics card that money can buy. Buy these and be sure to have the most future proof systems in the world. Technology has advanced so much that buying these cards would ensure that you would be able to play AAA games for next 10 years. The best graphics card maker is currently Nvidea with AMD close to its tail. Right now in the cpu sector , amd is taking over after it released its threadripper processors which beat all of intels processor when it comes to server or heavy workload based processing . Nvidea currently holds heavy hold over the graphics department mainly because pc game developers usually make games with nvidea processing . AMD is usually done for the latest high end games, but this is all changing now. Without further ado, here are some of the lastest and best graphics card for the year 2018

Graphic Cards

RTX 2080 TI

The RTX 2080TI beats everything in its path. It’s the best graphics card money can buy. The RTX titan card hasn’t been released till now so we can tell whether it would be of value compared to the RTX 2080ti as titan cards are usually used for video or heavy graphic intense game development. It beat its predecessor by as much as 20 percent and is capable of running games smoothly at 4k. with RTX now enabled and at its early stages, its able to have RTX on and run at 60fps at 1080p. the best graphics card money can buy. Highly recommended.


RTX 2080

This card also beats the 1080ti but not much. Its main selling point is the RTX enabling that will give the game an overall visual boost and this would indeed end up with the games dropping in framerate as the RTX software is in its early stages. Its much more expensive than the other 80s cards so why would you buy it? Well with software updates it would be able to pump out more power with much more efficiency and be able to run the RTX at 30 fps 1080p. you would be surprised at how well ,when priced much more lower than the RTX 2080ti runs all triple A games.


AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

This card is currently the king when it comes to 1080p gaming. Capable of running at full HD running games like GTA V at 120 fps. It is also ranked above the GTX 1070 meaning you would also be able to run games at 1440p. itll be exceptionally beautiful to play games at 144hz or 240hz

AMD RX Vega 64

Now with all the cryotomining behind us, graphic cards ,especially AMDs are affordable. The RX Vega 64 it’s the best VR graphic card. It has impressive benchmarking results and is in the same processing capability of the GTX 1080 at a lower price. It also has amazing software that helps In tuning the graphic card to your needs.