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5 Most Affordable ERP Software in Australia

By |January 14th, 2022|Categories: My Blog|

Managing a business, no matter how small, can be a big feat. It’s worse if you do it manually. Not only will you be continually frustrated but you’ll also burn yourself out easily. Most businesses are automating their business activities and processes using the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

In Australia, only very few enterprises aren’t using one system or the other. Some enterprises are beginning to switch from ERP software Australia to ECP (Enterprise Cloud Platforms).

This porting does not phase out the program or make it less expensive. The product is still highly efficient and costly, but we’ve managed to compile some affordable ERP software in Australia that you can take advantage of today, but let’s first explain what this system is.

What is the ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an advanced system that organizations use to run their daily activities. It manages several aspects of an enterprise’s business including accounting, procurement, compliance, supply chain operations, and projects.

More sophisticated ERP suites are capable of managing your enterprise’s performance, plan, budget, and assist in reporting your financial results.

Generally, ERP software simplifies your business processes by enabling the smooth flow of data between the different sections of your business. It is the process of data collection and processing, it eliminates data duplication and enhances the data integrity of your system.

What are the Kinds of ERP Software Used in Australia?

The kind of ERP software used by organizations in Australia will depend on the size of the business. Below is a classification of the different sizes of businesses in and the kind of ERP software they use.

  • Tier 5 Businesses – These are micro-businesses, which are mostly run from home. These kinds of businesses mostly use Microsoft Word and Excel to conduct their business.
  • Tier 4 Businesses – These are small businesses that eye expansion. They mostly use Harvey Norman and MYOB.
  • Tier 3 Businesses – These are medium-sized businesses of the lower scale. They mostly use Value Added Reseller, Arrow, and Exo.
  • Tier 2 Businesses – These are medium-sized businesses of the larger scale. They most likely use Navision, Great Plains, and Epicor.
  • Tier 1 Businesses – These are your corporate organizations. As they are large enough, they mostly use Oracle or SAP.

Affordable ERP Software in Australia

ERP software Australia

Irrespective of the size of your business, here is comprehensive ERP software that you can automate your business with at almost no cost.

#1. Dolibarr – Free

Dolibarr is an Open-Source ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows you to enable you to effectively manage your sales, HR, logistics, marketing, accounting, invoicing, and even customer relationship. It is highly customizable, so you can set it up to match your needs by enabling only the features that you need.

#2. Caflou – $11/month

Caflou is a business management system that allows you to fully digitize your business to boost its economy and drive team performance. It allows you to link all your activities online, including projects, cash flow, invoices, orders, timesheets, and customer relationships.

#3. Odoo – $12/month

Odoo is another highly customizable open-source ERP and CRM system that comes fully packed with many useful business applications. It is an all-in-one system that helps you manage every aspect of your business, from manufacturing and sales to customer relationships.

#4. SAP Business by Design – $22/month

SAP Business is for larger businesses that need to break free from the restrictions of their current system. It is ideal for businesses in the field of Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and Distribution. It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your business, including accounting, purchasing, sales, logistics, and project management.

#5. Aquilon ERP – $95/month

Aquilon is tailored specifically to the needs of manufacturing firms and distributors, whether small or medium scale. The initial cost of using this ERP and CRM program is low, and the system efficiently helps you manage the financial, customer relation, manufacturing, and distribution aspects of your system. Aquilon’s strength is in its speed and stability. You can’t be stunned by an unexpected issue.

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Five Fabulous Perks Of Taking Helicopter Lessons

By |January 3rd, 2022|Categories: My Blog|

Considering taking helicopter lessons but still a little on the fence? Flying can be incredibly rewarding both on a personal and professional level and the view from up high is absolutely stunning. As long as you’ll make use of your new skill, helicopter lessons are a great investment so we’ve put together this list of perks to help you make your decision.

You’ll Know How To Fly

The first and most obvious benefit of helicopter lessons is that once you complete your course, you’ll know how to fly. There’s no other feeling quite like that of owning the sky and you’ll get to see all sorts of beautiful sights that you could never spot from the ground. Plus, there’s something about controlling a massive metal bird that just gives you such a sense of freedom and independence. What we’re getting at here is if you just want to learn to fly for the sake of it because you think it will be a good experience, go for it. We only regret the chances we don’t take!

It Can Be A Great Career Path

If your goals are more serious, however, helicopter lessons could be the first step on a rewarding new career path. There are many job options for those who hold a flying licence with professions ranging from taking people on lovely scenic tours to helping fight bushfires in an emergency situation. The pay is also good which can turn your helicopter lessons into a wonderful investment in your skills and future if you leverage it to gain more employment opportunities.

They’re A Great Networking Opportunity

Helicopter lessons

Speaking of employment opportunities, everyone knows that getting the best jobs is generally at least partly to do with who you know in addition to what you know. Helicopter lessons are a great way to network with other pilots as you’ll be spending a lot of time with your instructors and other students. They’re also a great place to make new friends who seek the same sense of adventure in life if you’re taking helicopter lessons for personal enjoyment rather than to build a career.

You’ll Have A Unique Skill

As we grow in life, many of us seek to cultivate skills that help us express our personality and individuality. Whether these skills are career oriented or simply things that we enjoy, humans love collecting knowledge on things that make us happy and align with our values. Taking helicopter lessons provides you with a unique skill that you quite literally can’t learn anywhere else so they’re a great idea for those who want to add an adventurous edge to their lifestyle. This also makes helicopter lessons a wonderful gift for the thrill seeking partner, friend or family member or anyone who you know likes to collect unique skills.

It’s Fun

Finally, taking helicopter lessons is fun. With so much doom and gloom in the world these days, it’s perfectly acceptable to do something just because it’s enjoyable. We touched on this above but it’s worth expanding upon because doing things that you enjoy is one of the simplest (and best) forms of self-care. When we’re happier, all aspects of our lives improve so if flying brings you joy, that really is the only reason that you need to get started. Plus, when you’re quite literally up in the clouds, it’s a lot easier to get some much needed peace and quiet so your new hobby could become your favourite way to clear your mind.

These aren’t the only perks of taking helicopter lessons but they are some of the best, if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and learn something new, book yourself in now.

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Street Smart Mural Art-Artists in Sydney

By |January 2nd, 2022|Categories: My Blog|

Have you got a bland, blank space in your Sydney home or place of business that you are looking to brighten up?

There’s no better way to modernize and bring a space to life than with mural artists in Sydney.

This local area is home to some of the most prolific painters in the country along with being full of aspiring creators.

Street art is one of the fastest growing areas of the design sector and there are loads of talented artist that are ready to transform any boring old surface into something visually spectacular.

The cost comparisons of engaging a mural artist in Sydney for your space compared with any of the other building trades such as rendering, paving or landscaping is fractional and represents a solution that is completely maintenance free, creates a great talking point, and is far more pleasing to the eye than that of a just another paint job, boring old pavers, or waiting years for a high maintenance hedge to grow.

Inside or outside, floors, walls, or ceilings, a blank space is a blank canvas to a locally based mural artist in Sydney.

Here is a list of just some of the options and solutions a mural artist in Sydney can provide for your space.


Been tossing around an idea for a space in your home but can’t quite pin it down inside your head or with some rough sketches on paper?

A chat with your friendly mural artist in Sydney can take all those ideas out of your head and put them down on a page or screen that will make you see that they can soon become a reality.

An experienced or aspiring mural artist in Sydney will not only have a finite attention to detail for your dream project, but they will more than likely be able to expand it to new levels far beyond your own imagination.

All as it takes is a simple discussion around some rough themes and ideas and leave it to your creator to make the magic happen.


Mural artists Sydney

Whilst some spaces for street art can be as simple as a small interior wall, other spaces can be far more difficult requiring the use of scaffolding or work platform as well as traffic control and other specialized safety measures.

For a mural artist in Sydney there is no such thing as a job too big or small and you can rest assured, they are up for the challenge no matter how unique or tricky the space might seem.

An experienced mural artist in Sydney will be able to talk you through all the planning steps leaving you confident in them to get about doing what it is they do best.


Certain spaces need certification, and you can trust your painter will have more than likely dealt with the certification process in a number of local areas before.

They will be able to work with you and provide details of their planning and process to ensure you have the right certification for your space and that they will leave you with a smart looking finished product.


Now it is time to let your team of mural artists in Sydney get to work at what they do best. Painting.

Your painter will know exactly which type of products to use for the finished result you require leaving you with a unique and long-lasting work of art.

So liven up your space, and your life, by engaging a mural artist for your Sydney space today.

Give them a call to chat about design ideas and receive an obligation free quote.

Bring some street smarts to your space with mural art.

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3 reasons why online therapy in Australia is better than face to face

By |December 14th, 2021|Categories: My Blog|

Online therapy in Australia has become much more popular in the wake of the pandemic, with most of the population stuck inside. Face to face sessions weren’t available, and more people used the Internet for these reasons. For many, this opened the doors as to what was available on the Internet and how it compared to face to face sessions. Psychologists and psychiatrists have become more and more popular and in demand since the rise in mental health issues amongst the population, especially since the proper recognition of mental health problems in recent years. Society has slowly become more and more aware of these issues, and wary of them amongst the youth who have typically been more vulnerable to these problems. Online therapy in Australia is a necessity, especially for situations like the pandemic which did not allow people to visit practitioners. Visiting online therapy in Australia could be the difference between life and death for many people, so the benefit there is obvious. However, there are definitely other benefits to it which need to be considered.

Comfort and safety

For many people with mental health issues, online therapy in Australia is a great way to increase their level of comfort and safety. Many people often have issues with going to a location due to the anxiety it can bring them, especially if they are suffering from an anxiety and/or depression disorder which can make them feel more insecure and vulnerable, as well as nervous. With online therapy in Australia, people are able to talk freely and privately in the comfort of their own home knowing full well that it is just them and the practitioner. They also will feel safer and more comfortable, and therefore more inclined to open up more, when they are in their own home. This is very important in these sessions, and thereby it is a good idea for some people.

More accessible

Australia online therapy

Having online therapy in Australia makes mental health practitioners much more accessible for many of the population. People have differing circumstances when it comes to their location, ability to move around and travel as well as factors which may debilitate them such as crippling anxiety and/or depression. This can make it difficult for them to visit a physical location, and online therapy in Australia allows for this. Many people are able to use the Internet to access these sessions, and do not need to leave the comfort and safety of their home. This makes these sessions accessible for all.

Greater variety of practitioner

Better choice of online therapy in Australia is common, as there are many more practitioners who you can access. Many of these practitioners are all over the country and travelling to them can be inconvenient and not feasible for many people. However, there may be a certain practitioner you are looking for due to their reputation or specialty. As such, online therapy in Australia allows you to access them and receive treatment from them, all while using the Internet and without having to travel potentially long distances. These practitioners can be researched and found online, and then contacted and booked in, with your session being completely over the Internet on a video call.

Overall, online therapy in Australia is a great choice for many people, due to the many advantages it brings. Online therapy in Australia offers comfort and safety for people, increased accessibility and greater variety of practitioner. For these reasons, it is a reasonable consideration for anyone looking for treatment for mental health issues.

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Natural Rugs: Using Natural Materials for Rugs

By |December 14th, 2021|Categories: My Blog|

Natural and organic fibres are the go-to for responsible rugs. These are usually biodegradable, their production doesn’t involve huge amounts of fertilizer and pesticides, and fibres have unique qualities such as in-built flame retardant and antimicrobial constituents.

We will be discussing the pros and cons of natural rug materials, including options like Jute, Wool, and Cotton.

It may interest you to know that cotton and wool are great options for furnishing an eco-friendly home. However, one cannot overlook the vast amount of pesticides and water that is used in growing conventional cotton. As such, choosing organically grown fibres for natural rugs. And while you are at it, don’t shy away from asking questions about the provenance of any wool.

Wool natural rugs

Wool rugs used to be very popular until cheap, synthetic options stole the show. Thankfully, greater awareness of the perils of polyester means people are once again turning their attention to wool. Wool is a fire retardant, does not give off harmful emissions, and has an ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and dust mites. It also tends to be hardwearing, keeping its shape even in high-traffic areas.

So, wool is the ideal eco-friendly natural rugs material, right? Not so fast. The reality is that wool production can take a significant environmental toll, be mired in problems such as animal exploitation and cruelty, and wool may still be treated with toxic chemicals, especially if it is dyed.

Many companies claim that wool is non-allergenic. Sadly, this isn’t true. Some people have an allergic reaction to lanolin, a fatty substance found on the skin, and the wool, of sheep. Buying a wool carpet would be a costly way to discover a lanolin allergy, so ask to take a sample home before you commit to buying.

Wool that is ‘lanolin-free’ may have been washed using harsh chemicals, which can also cause allergies. And, as lanolin is a  water repellant and is stain resistant, ‘clean’ wool will likely have been treated with toxic chemicals to reinstate those qualities. Wool is also fun food for moths and carpet beetle larvae, so many wool carpets sold as natural have probably been treated with insecticide.

When wool carpets are made in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, however, they are an excellent option for an eco-friendly home. Stylish, affordable, resistant to fire, stains, and soiling, wool products also absorb sound, feel cozy, and are fairly easy to maintain.

Natural rugs

Jute natural rugs

Jute is a sustainable, durable, biodegradable, and flexible fiber derived from the jute plant that commonly grows in India and China. Jute natural rugs can be made with small or chunky braids, and the variations in the fiber’s colors add depth and richness to décor.

Jute isn’t as durable as sisal but is just as easy to care for, requiring just light vacuuming, brushing, sweeping, or beating (outside!). Jute products are typically reversible, meaning that they can be flipped for extra longevity. They’re great for high-traffic areas and can stand up to rough and tumble play from kids, cats, and dogs.

Jute carpets can, however, be a fun chew toy for puppies (even my older dog was very excited about rubbing her face on my new purchase). These natural rugs can also be a little tricky to clean if soiled significantly. Some people also find that jute fibers are too knobbly and rough to comfortably stand, sit, or lie on for any length of time, while others consider this free foot massage a bonus of jute.

Cotton natural rugs

Cotton is soft, breathable, light, and can be machine washed, making it a great choice for family areas, underneath dining tables, and in children’s bedrooms. Cotton isn’t as durable as jute, sisal, or wool, however, and should be used with rubber or other eco-friendly pads to avoid sliding.

Cotton products are very common, but almost all are made with conventionally grown cotton. If you’re keen on cotton, choose a product made with organically grown cotton. Look for the GOTS label or other credible certification for peace of mind that the cotton was not grown using pesticides or other toxic chemicals and has not been treated with harsh chemicals or azo dyes during processing.

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What are the benefits of driver medicals?

By |December 13th, 2021|Categories: My Blog|

As the famous saying goes, safety is everybody’s responsibility. As such, one must be safety conscious wherever we find ourselves — either at work or at home. Having mentioned that, driving is one occupation where safety is held in high regard. Hence the need for drivers to check-in for regular driver medical assessment.
The primary goal of driver medical assessment is to ensure that one is fit and remains fit to drive. That way, every road user is safe too. Interestingly, not many people know that being fit is a legal requirement, and it’s mandatory to present your employers with a reassessment of your fitness if your health status changes. By “change in health status,” it means you have to notify your employer if you have been diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or if you now have to wear glasses.

Why do you need a driver medical?

Driver medicals are needed for insurance purposes, and it’s backed by law in virtually every country. Drivers of large or passenger vehicles, as well as forklift truck drivers or people that operate heavy machinery, are also required to take driver medicals.
Virtually every driver medical starts with a health questionnaire, and it’s mostly conducted by a certified and licensed occupational health nurse. As you can imagine, a driver medical is intended to assess one’s capability to drive. It gives accurate answers to vital questions that participants could easily give false answers to and endanger the health and safety of both themselves and the people around them.
Contrary to popular misconceptions, driver medicals are usually non-invasive. The test routine usually revolves around eyesight tests, height and walk tests, blood pressure test, unrine test and analysis, as well as hearing tests.

What are the results from driver medicals used for?

Driver medicals

After the necessary tests and checks are done, the results are then analysed by a qualified nurse/doctor to determine whether you are fit for the role. However, you should have it at the back of your mind that different driving roles have different health and safety criteria (by which your driver medicals results are examined.
Because driving roles vary, it’s not unusual to find someone that was deemed unfit for one role getting the thumbs up for another. Once the health practitioner is done with his or her assessment, they will forward the results to both the employer and employee. Suppose a new health condition was diagnosed in the course of your driver medicals examination, you will be directed to report to your personal doctor for follow-up treatment.

What happens if I fail driver medicals?

Not making it through driver medicals may not be an easy pill to swallow, but on the bright side, it keeps you ( the driver) and others around safe. How? Imagine the damage or potential harm that can be caused if you have an unfit or unhealthy person behind the steering of a forklift. It will be devastating and can result in very costly damage and maybe loss of life.
It’s always best to have it at the back of your mind that driver medicals are primarily designed to ensure safety. As such, if you fail the test or are deemed unfit for the role, instead of whining over your inability to get the job, you should be more concerned about seeing your doctor.
That way, depending on the reasoning for not making the cut, you will get proper and timely treatment — and you can take and pass driver medicals in the future.
What is the importance of driver medicals?
Think about it, driver medicals can also be regarded as health examinations, and the benefits of health examinations are known to virtually everyone.
Regular examinations help in the early detection of diseases, and they keep you abreast of your health status, risk factors while also giving you access to counselling interventions if the need arises.

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