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It feels like its been a decent amount of time since Sega has come out with a game that just reeks of creativity and fun such as this, and that game in Puyo Puyo Tetris. The game combines the famous blob matching puzzle play style of Puyo Puyo with the well-known block puzzle game Tetris. This “frantic four player mashup” delves into an impressive amount of content. Players can choose to play the same or entirely different games on either side against each other, ,making this game quite the competitive experience for old and young.

The combination of these two games seems like an idea that would have been better left on the cutting room floor, but the game surprisingly works very well together thanks to carefully crafted level design and game modes that really mesh well together as a fun gaming experience. Unlike other games that have featured this fun Puyo Puyo puzzle games, They function just like old favorites in with this game has been featured such as Kirby Avalanche and Robotnik’s Meanbean machine. Colored blobs called Puyo fall in groups of two. Match four or more of the Puyo together to start a chain. The more chains you create, the more points you receive. Though this sounds like a simple maybe boring premise, there is a lot more to this game than just popping these bad boys for the points. The chains not only develop more points on the board for the player, chains are the only way to win this game and create garbage for opposing players , so it takes a lot of quick thinking and strategy to defeat your opponent.

Tetris still maintains its same gaming mechanics that have made it so successful for so many years,take the blocks and create massive matches while adding the new feature of also creating garbage for the opposing players. However simple these premises may be, combining the two games into one challenging gaming experience creates a whole other level of competitive gaming territory that hasn’t been quite experimented with for even the most experienced players of both games.

The game has six challenging modes, five arcade, and more than 100 adventure game levels to keep the gameplay interesting but creates a game that has tons of replay value, something a hardcore puzzle gamer will really appreciate. Game modes like Big Bang and Lucky Attack create a fast paced competitive sort of game play that is highly addictive. Players can choose between battle and endurance in which you compete till only one player is left standing. Game modes like swap and fusion combine both games. Both games are flow back and forth unexpectedly together as the players battle in both games to keep from losing to the other player. This also forces even the most experienced players of each game to time moves and combos efficiently to consistently create garbage for other players Dr. Mario style to quickly to defeat their opponents.

Aside from the multiplayer modes,there is even something for the single players to enjoy as well. With over about nine hours of competitive gameplay for the the advanced player, maybe a little bit more for the beginner, the difficulty is well paced throughout the game without making the player feel overwhelmed. Players start out with the basic Puyo Puyo and Tetris vs modes while steadily moving up the difficulty and the game modes to keep the story mode fun and exciting.

All and all, this game is different in a good way and have a lot of creativity and pazazz that most puzzle games don’t currently have at the moment. Its colorful with more than 24 characters to choose from , and the witty, funny dialogue within the story mode that keeps the adventure mode interesting for the single player. A beautiful and well done game, there is a lot of content for every player to experience. A really fun multiplayer mode with lots of modes to choose from , it’s a game that is hard to put down because of its different variations of the game. The game is also available for the PC and the Nintendo Switch for those players that want portability. Great challenges await even the most experienced players but inviting to all types of players at the same time. For this and more this game gets a 10 out of 10.

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